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Color Palette 

Showcase the company’s primary and secondary color palettes. 

Primary Color (Blue): # 235AF3 

Secondary Color (Black) : Black: # 000000 

Hex Codes 

Primary Color (Blue): # 235AF3 

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Services for Consumer Affairs Reporters 

 CustomerPost is dedicated to collaborating with journalists to support their quest for timely and engaging stories. Our goal is to provide valuable resources and assistance to journalists, even under tight deadlines, ensuring they have the necessary information to create compelling narratives.  

We can provide the following: 

  • A comprehensive directory of businesses, state and local agencies, and community resources 
  • Connect with relevant contacts for interviews and information gathering 
  • Guidance for navigating customer service interactions effectively 
  • Insights and strategies to address consumer-related challenges 
  • Provide support in uncovering and amplifying consumer voices 
  • Advanced search functionality for finding and connecting with relevant resources 
  • Access comprehensive data and information for in-depth analysis 
  • Increase the visibility and reach of businesses through our platform. 

Our services aim to provide timely and essential resources, enabling reporters to craft impactful stories that resonate with audiences.  

For research or media assistance, please get in touch with us at media email. 

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