Avo Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

Avo is a trusted name that many rely on for their needs. They’ve built a reputation for being there when you need them, always ready to help.

This guide covers all the possible ways to contact the company’s customer service. Whether you have a question, need assistance, or just want to give feedback, Avo’s dedicated team is just a call or click away.

Avo Customer Service Number

Avo Customer Support


Avo Email

Avo Customer Support

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Avo Corporate Addresses

Avo Training Institute Main Campus

4545 West Davis Street, Dallas, Texas 75211

Other Training Facility Locations 

Cleveland, Ohio

Dallas Cable Yard, Dallas, Texas

Fort Collins, Colorado (just north of Denver)

Oakland, California

Baltimore, Maryland

Sumner, Washington

Carrollton, Georgia (Atlanta area)

Avo Help Center

Avo Help Center: You can access the Avo Help Center by visiting their Contact Support Form page for assistance and support. This page provides a form to fill out your details and submit your inquiry directly to the Avo customer service team.

Avo Legal Contacts

Privacy Policy: You can visit their privacy policy page for details regarding Avo’s privacy practices.

Avo Additional Support Resources

Course Catalog: Avo offers a comprehensive Course Catalog that details various electrical courses they offer.

Avo Certifications: Learn about the different Electrical Safety Certifications offered by Avo to enhance your professional skills.

Safety Standards: Stay updated with the latest Safety Standards in the electrical industry with Avo’s dedicated page.

Cable Courses: Avo provides specialized Cable Courses for those interested in this specific domain.

International Services: Avo offers International Services and a catalog of courses for international clients.

Avo Locations: Discover all the Avo Locations where you can attend their training sessions.

Avo News: Stay updated with Avo’s latest happenings and announcements on their News page.

About Avo

Avo Featured Image

Avo Training Institute has been a beacon of excellence in electrical safety and maintenance training for over 60 years. 

Serving people from over 100 countries, Avo’s mission is to ensure that employees can work safely and efficiently. They pride themselves on empowering workers to complete their tasks safely and return home to their families every day. 

With a combination of live virtual and in-person hands-on courses, students can perform tasks in equipment labs under the guidance of some of the industry’s most experienced electrical instructors.

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