Dr. Squatch Customer Service: Phone Number, Chat, Email & More

Dr. Squatch is renowned for its natural, high-performance personal care products.

This comprehensive guide covers all possible ways to contact the company, ensuring you get the support you need.

Dr. Squatch Customer Service Number

Dr. Squatch Customer Support


Dr. Squatch E-mail

Dr. Squatch Customer Support

Dr. Squatch Live Chat

Engaging with Dr. Squatch’s customer service has never been easier. Visit the Dr. Squatch homepage and click on the Chat with us button located at the bottom right.

Dr. Squatch Social Media Support Contact

Dr. Squatch Headquarters

Los Angeles, CA90064-2109, USA

Dr. Squatch Help Center

For those seeking assistance, Dr. Squatch offers a dedicated Help Center to address your queries and concerns.

Dr. Squatch Help Center

The Dr. Squatch Help Center is a comprehensive platform where customers can find solutions to common issues, get product information, and receive guidance on various topics.

Legal Contacts

Dr. Squatch is transparent about its operations and provides legal resources for users to understand their rights and the company’s policies.

Privacy Policy

Dr. Squatch values user privacy and has a detailed Privacy Policy that outlines how personal data is collected, used, and protected.

Terms and Conditions

For a clear understanding of the terms of service when using Dr. Squatch’s products or website, refer to their Terms and Conditions.

Dr. Squatch Additional Support Resources

Dr. Squatch provides additional resources to enhance the user experience and offer extended support.

YouTube Channel

Dr. Squatch’s YouTube channel offers videos, tutorials, and product showcases to keep users informed and entertained.


For quick answers to common questions, the FAQ section is a handy resource.

About Dr. Squatch

dr squatch featured image

With its commitment to natural ingredients, Dr. Squatch has revolutionized the personal care industry. Jack Haldrup founded the company and began creating natural soaps in a garage. Recognizing the gap in the market for men’s products with natural ingredients and manly scents, Dr. Squatch was born.

Today, with millions of satisfied customers, Dr. Squatch’s mission remains unwavering: to elevate the standards for natural products and redefine how men perceive personal care.

The company’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients from Mother Nature and its emphasis on men’s unique needs have set it apart in the industry.

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