GoSplitty Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

GoSplitty has revolutionized the online hotel booking experience with its innovative platform. What truly sets them apart is their commitment to exceptional customer service.

GoSplitty Customer Service Number

GoSplitty Customer Support


GoSplitty Email

GoSplitty Customer Support

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GoSplitty Headquarters

177 W Putnam Ave Greenwich, CT 06830-5203

GoSplitty Help Center

Go to their FAQs section for any help you may need.

GoSplitty Legal Contacts

Privacy Policy

GoSplitty’s Privacy Policy outlines how they handle and protect user data, ensuring transparency and trust.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use provide a clear framework for the platform’s services, ensuring users understand their rights and responsibilities.

GoSplitty Additional Support Resources

The website contains FAQs, guides, and other helpful info for users. Check it out on GoSplitty’s website for more support!

About GoSplitty

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GoSplitty is a groundbreaking online hotel booking platform that stands out for its unique approach to securing hotel deals.

Instead of offering standard room rates, GoSplitty combines offers from various sources to create exclusive room packages for its users.

This innovative method allows travelers to take advantage of unparalleled hotel deals that might not be available elsewhere.

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