Guru IPTV Customer Service: Phone Number, Chat & More

Guru IPTV is a leading provider of digital cable and satellite TV, offering a wide range of Indian TV channels in High Definition.

With 24/7 support and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Guru IPTV has become a top choice for Indian communities in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Guru IPTV Customer Service Number

Guru IPTV Customer Support


Guru IPTV Live Chat

For those who prefer to chat online, Guru IPTV provides a live chat support feature. To initiate a chat session with a representative, simply visit the Guru IPTV website and click on the live chat icon.

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Guru IPTV Help Center

For those seeking assistance, Guru IPTV’s Help Center provides support and guidance.

Information on accessing and utilizing Guru IPTV’s Help Center can be found on their Help Page.

Guru IPTV Additional Support Resources

Guru IPTV offers various resources to enhance user experience and provide additional support.


You can find a comprehensive guide to the website’s structure via the sitemap.


The service provider offers 1000 channels to stream. Look up al the available channels.


For referral information, visit this link.

About Guru IPTV

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Guru IPTV is a prominent replacement for traditional Digital Cable or Satellite TV, offering favorite desi/Indian TV Channels in High Definition. With 24/7 support in various languages, Guru IPTV ensures a seamless viewing experience for Indian communities worldwide.

The set-top box works globally, providing full HD channels using minimal internet bandwidth. Guru IPTV has become a top-selling IPTV in the USA & Canada for 2020-2021, boasting over 98900 happy customers.

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