GVEC Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

GVEC is a comprehensive service provider offering multiple avenues for customers to contact. This service directory guide covers all possible ways to contact GVEC customer service, ensuring that every query or concern is addressed promptly. 

With a rich history and a commitment to community empowerment, GVEC stands as a testament to the power of cooperative efforts in bringing essential services to rural areas.

GVEC Customer Service Number

GVEC Customer Support


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GVEC Internet Support


GVEC Email

GVEC Customer Support

GVEC Live Chat

To access GVEC’s live chat support, navigate to their official website and then visit contact page. Once there, look for the live chat icon or option, usually located at the bottom right corner, and click on it to initiate a chat session with a representative.

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GVEC Headquarters

825 E Sarah DeWitt Dr, Gonzales, TX 78629

Other Locations

  • 908 Curtiss Ave, Schertz, TX 78154
  • 927 N, TX-46, Seguin, TX 78155
  • 13849 U.S. Hwy 87 W, La Vernia, TX 78121
  • 1015 E Broadway St, Cuero, TX 77954

GVEC Help Center

GVEC help page provides a support form where users can navigate to the form, enter personal details, select a subject or reason for contact, type their message, attach optional files, and submit their inquiry.

GVEC Legal Contacts

Privacy Policy: For concerns or questions about GVEC’s privacy policies, you can visit their privacy policy page.

GVEC Additional Support Resources

YouTube: GVEC has a YouTube channel where they post informative videos that can be helpful for customers seeking visual guides and updates.

News & Info: Stay updated with the latest news and information from GVEC by visiting their News & Info blog.

ERCOT FAQs: For frequently asked questions related to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, you can visit the ERCOT FAQs page.

Residential Developer’s Package: For residential developers, GVEC offers a dedicated package with relevant information and resources.

About GVEC


GVEC, the Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative, was established in 1938 and has since transformed the quality of life for many rural families. Rooted in teamwork, vision, and a commitment to empowering communities, GVEC’s primary interest lies in reliably and affordably meeting the needs of its consumers. 

Over the years, the cooperative has expanded its services and facilities to serve its growing membership better. Today, GVEC remains dedicated to its values and continues to serve its diverse customer base with the same commitment and passion.

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