How to Contact Pura Vida? Phone Number, Email & More

Welcome to the vibrant world of Pura Vida! If you want to contact them, you’re in the right place. Discover the unique ways Pura Vida stands out in customer support.

When you wish to connect with Pura Vida Bracelets, you have a variety of options at your disposal: phone, email, contact form, and even social media. Dial their number at 858-232-4945, email, or contact their official social media channels for prompt assistance.

Continue reading to uncover the distinct methods to contact Pura Vida Bracelets’ customer support. Get step-by-step guidance on contacting via phone, email, contact form, and social media.

How to Contact Pura Vida customer service?

Reaching out to Pura Vida’s customer service is more than just seeking assistance; it’s about experiencing the essence of the Pura Vida spirit.

Method 1: Contacting Pura Vida Customer Service via the Contact Form

One of the most straightforward ways to contact Pura Vida is through their contact form. Let’s walk you through the process:

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact Page

Begin by visiting the Pura Vida website and heading to their contact page.

image 229

Step 2: Fill in the Necessary Details

Once on the contact page, ensure you provide all the required information. This typically includes your name, email address, and the nature of your query or feedback.

image 230

Step 3: Click the Submit Button

After filling in all the details, click the ‘Submit’ button. Pura Vida’s customer service team will get back to you soon.

image 231

Method 2: Contacting Pura Vida Customer Service via Phone

Embracing the “Pura Vida” spirit means ensuring clear and vibrant communication. If you prefer the immediacy of a phone call, Pura Vida has got you covered.

Dial 858-232-4945 to connect with their customer service team. Remember to be clear and concise with your queries or concerns when on the call.

Method 3: Contacting Pura Vida Customer Service via Email

For those who prefer the written word, Pura Vida offers direct communication through email. You can reach out to them at for any inquiries or concerns.

When crafting your email, ensure it’s concise yet detailed.

Start by mentioning the purpose of your email in the subject line. In the body, provide any necessary context or information to help the Pura Vida team better assist you.

For Instance:

Subject: Inquiry about Bracelet Order #12345
Dear Pura Vida Team,
I recently placed an order (#12345) on your website and have questions about its delivery status. I tried checking the tracking details, but they are unavailable. Please provide an update on the same. Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.
Warm regards,
[Your Name]

Method 4: Contacting Pura Vida Customer Service via Social Media

Embrace the vibrant spirit of Pura Vida even on social media! Their channels are not just about showcasing beautiful bracelets but also about assisting their valued customers.

You can contact them on FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.

For Instance on Instagram:

Hey @puravida, I recently ordered one of your bracelets and am super excited! However, I need help with tracking my order (#12345). I tried emailing, but I’m dropping a message here, too. Can you help me out? 🌸

Remember, every platform has its unique style of communication. While you keep it casual on Instagram, ensure you maintain a more formal tone on platforms like LinkedIn.

How Do I File a Complaint With Pura Vida?

If you have concerns or feedback for Pura Vida, several channels exist to voice them.

You can reach out via phone at 858-232-4945, send an email to either or or even use traditional mail at

7979 Ivanhoe Avenue
Suite 400, La Jolla
California 92037

When filing a complaint, be specific about your problems, provide any relevant details, and, if possible, back up your complaint with evidence or documentation .

How Do I Contact a Human at Pura Vida?

While automated systems can be efficient, sometimes you need the personal touch of a human representative, especially when dealing with intricate issues.

At Pura Vida, you can dial their customer service number, 858-232-4945, to connect directly. Though you might initially encounter automated responses, stay patient and follow the prompts to reach a human representative.

Final Thoughts

Pura Vida isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle that celebrates life’s simple pleasures. Their customer service channels reflect this ethos, ensuring every interaction is genuine and helpful.

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