Jailpackstore Customer Service: Phone Number & More

Jailpackstore is a dynamic inmate commissary solutions provider that focuses on delivering innovative services to detention facilities.

Since 2004, they have been serving detention centers in the Southeastern United States, striving to provide the best goods and support.

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Jailpackstore Headquarters

1275 East Cherry Street, Jesup, GA 31546, USA

Jailpackstore Help Center

Jailpackstore provides a dedicated Help Page to assist customers with their inquiries and support needs.

Jailpackstore Help Center

Information on accessing and utilizing Jailpackstore’s Help Center for support can be found on their Help Page.

Legal Contacts

Jailpackstore maintains transparency with its customers by providing legal contacts and policies.

Privacy Policy

Jailpackstore’s privacy policy outlines how the company collects, uses, and protects user information. You can read more about their privacy practices here.

Jailpackstore Additional Support Resources

Jailpackstore offers additional resources to help customers with various needs.


Jailpackstore’s FAQ section provides answers to common questions and can be a quick way to find information. Access the FAQ here.

Order Forms

For customers looking to place orders, Jailpackstore provides order forms that can be accessed here.

About Jailpackstore

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Jailpackstore is a dynamic inmate commissary solutions provider that has been serving detention centers in the Southeastern United States since 2004. They strive to proactively deliver innovative and dynamic solutions, aspiring to be the world’s most efficient commissary and software provider in the correctional industry.

Their commitment to customer service is evident in their approach, handling each call with full attention as if they have no other customers.

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