LaserShip Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

LaserShip, now known as Ontrac, is a premier delivery service provider renowned for its prompt and reliable services.

With this guide, customers have multiple avenues to reach out for support. Whether you prefer phone, email, or live chat, LaserShip’s customer service is always ready to assist.

LaserShip Customer Service Number

LaserShip Customer Service Number


LaserShip Email

LaserShip Customer Support

LaserShip Legal Contacts

LaserShip Live Chat

Access LaserShip’s live chat support through our official website. Initiate a chat session to connect with a representative instantly.

LaserShip Social Media





LaserShip Headquarters

1912 Woodford Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182, US

LaserShip Help Center

Access the LaserShip Help Center for comprehensive support and guidance on various topics related to our services.

LaserShip Legal Contacts

Terms and Conditions

Specific terms and conditions governing our services can be found at the Terms and Conditions page.

Privacy Policy

For privacy-related queries or concerns, visit the Privacy Policy page. For any other legal inquiries, you can contact the Legal Department at

LaserShip Additional Support Resources

Knowledge Center/Blog

For a deeper understanding of our services, check out the Knowledge Center/Blog. It provides valuable insights and updates about our offerings.


Additionally, the FAQs section addresses common questions and concerns.


For visual learners, the YouTube channel offers a range of informative videos.

About LaserShip

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LaserShip, now known as Ontrac, is a leading delivery service provider known for its swift and reliable services.

Operating primarily on the East Coast of the United States, LaserShip utilizes advanced technology and a dedicated network to offer same-day and next-day delivery services for businesses and consumers alike.

With a focus on e-commerce and time-sensitive deliveries, LaserShip has established itself as a key player in the logistics industry.

Its streamlined operations and strong emphasis on customer satisfaction make it a popular choice for companies looking to enhance their shipping capabilities in the region

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