Livongo Customer Service: Phone Number, Chat, Email & More

Livongo is a leading digital health company that offers comprehensive solutions for individuals with chronic conditions.

This guide provides a detailed overview of all the possible ways to contact Livongo’s customer service, ensuring you get the needed assistance.

Livongo Customer Service Number

Livongo Customer Support


Livongo E-mail

Livongo Customer Support

Livongo Live Chat

To access Livongo’s live chat support, visit their homepage.

Once there, click the chat icon at the bottom right to initiate a chat session with a representative.

Social Media Support Contact








Liviongo Headquarters

2 Manhattanville Road, Purchase, NY 10577

Help Center

Livongo’s Help Center provides a wealth of information and resources to assist users.

Whether you have questions about the platform, need troubleshooting tips, or want to learn more about Livongo’s offerings, the Help Center is your go-to destination.

Legal Contacts

The following resources provide detailed insights and clarifications for those needing information related to the legal aspects of Livongo’s services.

Privacy Policy

Livongo’s Privacy Policy outlines how the company collects, uses, and protects user data. Users need to understand their rights and Livongo’s responsibilities regarding data protection.

Legal Disclaimer

The Legal Disclaimer provides users with important information regarding the terms of use of Livongo’s services.

Users must know these terms to ensure they use Livongo’s services correctly and legally.

Additional Support Resources

Livongo offers a range of additional resources to provide users with comprehensive support and information. These resources are designed to offer insights, guidance, and answers to common questions.

YouTube Channel

Livongo’s YouTube Channel offers a variety of videos ranging from product tutorials to user testimonials.


The FAQs section on Livongo’s website addresses users’ common questions and concerns. It’s a quick way to get answers without having to reach out to customer support.


If you want to join the Livongo team, their Careers page provides information on current job openings, company culture, and more.


For media inquiries and the latest news about Livongo, the Press page is the go-to resource.


Livongo’s Blog offers articles, insights, and updates about the company and the healthcare industry.

About Livongo

livongo featured image

Livongo, now a part of Teladoc Health, was founded on the revolutionary idea of providing top-tier healthcare to everyone, regardless of location. Over the years, they have consistently delivered this promise by offering whole-person virtual care, encompassing primary care, mental health, and chronic condition management.

The vision of Livongo is to create a world where outstanding healthcare is always accessible. They aim to provide a unified and personalized consumer experience, develop technologies to connect patients and ensure the highest standard of clinical quality at every touchpoint.

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