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Since 2004, Myprotein has been a pioneer in the world of sports nutrition. With a vision that started at a humble kitchen table, they have revolutionized the way we power our movements.

Myprotein Customer Service Number

Myprotein Customer Support


Myprotein E-mail

Myprotein Customer Support


Myprotein Live Chat

To access Myprotein’s live chat support, visit their help center. Once there, click on the live chat icon to initiate a chat session with a representative.

Myprotein Social Media Support Contact





Myprotein Headquaters

Voyager House, 7th Floor, Manchester, Greater Manchester M90 3DQ, GB

Myprotein Help Center

For those seeking assistance, Myprotein offers a dedicated Help Center that provides comprehensive support and solutions. Information on accessing and utilizing Myprotein’s Help Center.

Myprotein Legal Contacts

Myprotein provides several legal resources to ensure transparency and trust with their customers. Below are the key legal contacts:

Privacy Policy

Myprotein’s privacy policy outlines how they handle and protect user data.

Terms and Conditions

This document provides the terms of service for using Myprotein’s platform.

Returns Policy

If you’re considering returning a product, Myprotein’s returns policy provides all the necessary details.

Myprotein Additional Support Resources

Myprotein offers a range of additional resources to enhance the customer experience and provide added support:

Track Order

Keep an eye on your order’s status and estimated delivery time through Myprotein’s Track Order feature.

YouTube Channel

Dive into a world of fitness, nutrition, and product insights on Myprotein’s official YouTube channel.

International Shipping

For those ordering from outside the UK, Myprotein provides details on International Shipping.

Job Openings

Interested in joining the Myprotein team? Explore current Job Openings and be a part of their journey.

About Myprotein

myprotein featured image

Established in 2004, Myprotein embarked on a unique journey that started with a vision at a humble kitchen table. Their ambition was to revolutionize the way individuals power their movements.

By 2011, they became a part of the THG family, and by 2016, they stood proud as the world’s leading online sports nutrition brand. Delivering top-notch protein, vitamins, and essential supplements right to your doorstep.

With a vision to become the world’s most empowering health movement, Myprotein champions the cause of healthy and active living. They have continuously evolved to cater to the diverse needs of their customers, expanding their product range.

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