SEPTA Key Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

SEPTA, a leading transportation service, offers a comprehensive guide to ensure you can reach out to them through various channels.

SEPTA ensures you’re heard whether you prefer phone, email, or social media.

SEPTA Key Customer Service Number

SEPTA Customer Support


SEPTA Key Social Media Support Contact











SEPTA Key Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA 19104-9998, USA

SEPTA Key Help Center

For those seeking assistance, SEPTA offers a dedicated Help Center to address all your queries and concerns.

SEPTA Key Legal Contacts

SEPTA ensures transparency and trust by providing its users with clear legal contacts and resources.

Privacy policy

SEPTA values the privacy of its users. Their privacy policy outlines the data they collect and how it’s used, ensuring user data is protected and used responsibly.

SEPTA Key Additional Support Resources

SEPTA offers a range of additional resources to assist and inform its users.


SEPTA’s Frequently Asked Questions section answers common queries, helping users understand the services better and troubleshoot issues.

About SEPTA Key

septa key featured image

SEPTA Key represents the future of fare payment, introducing a reloadable, contactless chip card that ensures seamless travel and self-service flexibility. With the SEPTA Key Card, users can enjoy the benefits of a token or paper transfer but with the convenience of a card.

Introducing the SEPTA Key Card has revolutionized the way fares are paid. Users no longer need to swipe but can tap at the red Validator.

The card also introduces a full-service self-serve fare purchase system with the Fare Kiosk, where users can check balances, reload fares, and even purchase a Quick Trip.

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