StandUP Wireless Customer Service: Phone Number, Chat, Email & More

StandUP Wireless is a renowned telecommunications company dedicated to providing top-notch services to its customers.

This comprehensive guide covers all possible ways to contact StandUP Wireless, ensuring you get the assistance you need promptly.

StandUP Wireless Customer Service Number

StandUP Wireless Customer Support


StandUP Wireless E-mail

StandUP Wireless Customer Support

StandUP Wireless Live Chat

To access StandUP Wireless’s live chat support, visit their official website.

Click on the chat button, enter your details, and press send to initiate a chat session with a representative.

StandUP Wireless Corporate Office Addresses

New Port, Kentucky, USA

StandUP Wireless Help Center

For comprehensive support, StandUP Wireless offers a dedicated Help Center to assist its customers.

StandUP Wireless Legal Contacts

StandUP Wireless provides essential legal resources for its users to ensure transparency and trust.

Terms and Conditions

StandUP Wireless’s terms and conditions provide a clear understanding of the rules and guidelines for using their services.

Privacy Policy

Learn about how StandUP Wireless handles and protects user data by visiting their privacy policy.

StandUP Wireless Additional Support Resources

StandUP Wireless offers a range of additional resources to ensure users have all the information they need.


Get answers to frequently asked questions about StandUP Wireless services.


Interested in joining the StandUP Wireless team? Explore career opportunities.

Video Tutorials

For visual guidance on various StandUP Wireless features, check out their video tutorials.


Stay updated with the latest from StandUP Wireless by visiting their blog.

Coverage Map

Check the areas covered by StandUP Wireless services.

Track Package

Monitor the status of your StandUP Wireless package.

About StandUP Wireless

standup wireless featured image

Founded in 1999, StandUP Wireless has been at the forefront of connecting countless customers to wireless services. As a prepaid wireless provider, they also extend federal Lifeline services to low-income Americans.

Eligibility for their services spans across various programs, including Medicaid, SNAP, Federal Public Housing, SSI, and Veterans Pension. StandUP Wireless’s commitment is evident in their mission to keep communities connected, especially those who need it the most.

With their operational base in Newport, KY, they offer an intuitive online portal for enrollment, ensuring customers can swiftly connect with essential services.

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