Veolia Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

Veolia is a benchmark company for ecological transformation, offering game-changing solutions in water, waste, and energy management.

With a global presence and a commitment to sustainability, this comprehensive guide covers all possible ways to contact Veolia’s customer services, ensuring you’re always connected.

Veolia Customer Service Number

Veolia Customer Support


Veolia Email

Veolia Privacy

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Veolia Headquarters

Aubervilliers, 93300, France

Veolia Help Center

Access and utilize Veolia’s Help Center for comprehensive support. For more detailed assistance, visit the Help Page.

Veolia Legal Contacts

Legal Notice

To understand the terms and conditions of Veolia’s services, visit the Legal Notice page.

Privacy Policy

For concerns about your privacy and how Veolia handles your data, refer to the Privacy Policy.

Veolia Additional Support Resources


For visual guides and tutorials, check out Veolia’s YouTube videos. These videos provide in-depth explanations and demonstrations of various services.

Sustainability and Case studies

Have questions? The Sustainability page and Case Studies offer insights into Veolia’s practices and solutions.


Stay updated with the latest news and articles by visiting Veolia’s Blog.

About Veolia

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Veolia is a French transnational company specializing in water management, waste management, and energy services.

With a commitment to ecological transformation, Veolia offers game-changing solutions in these areas, serving millions worldwide.

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