How to Contact CoStar? Phone Number, Email, Chat & More

Are you in the real estate and housing sector and looking to get in touch with CoStar? Well, you’ve landed in the right place.

You can reach CoStar through phone, email, and social media. You can call them at 800-613-1303, email them at, or connect through their social media accounts. 

Continue to discover the various methods available for contacting CoStar’s customer service. Learn step-by-step instructions on reaching them via phone, email, or social media. 

How to Contact CoStar Customer Service?

Whether you’re facing an issue needing immediate resolution, contacting their customer support is essential. 

With a dedicated team ready to assist you, CoStar ensures your needs are met promptly and professionally. 

Method 1: Contacting CoStar Customer Service via Phone

Follow these steps to contact the support team via phone.

Step 1: Identify Your Region

Determine whether you are contacting CoStar from the US, Canada, or the UK, as different phone numbers are provided for each region.

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Step 2: Select the Appropriate Phone Number

Dial the appropriate number 

US & Canada Customer Service: 800-204-5960 or 202-346-6775

UK Customer Service: 020-3205-4600 or 020-3205-4500

Sales Department: 888-226-7404

Support: 800-613-1303

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Step 3: Call During Business Hours

Call during the appropriate business hours 

For US & Canada: Monday – Friday: 7:30 AM ET – 8:00 PM ET

For the UK: Monday – Friday: 8:00 AM GMT – 6:00 PM GMT

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Step 4: Prepare Your Inquiry

Have your details ready and specific to ensure a smooth process.

Step 5: Maintain a Respectful Conversation

Speak clearly and concisely, maintaining a respectful tone throughout the conversation.

Method 2: Contacting CoStar Customer Service via Email

Need to get in touch with CoStar’s customer service via email? You can reach them at for the US and Canada or for the UK.

Whether you have a question about CoStar’s services or need assistance with a specific issue, their dedicated support team is just an email away. You can write to, and they will reply promptly.

For UK-based inquiries, you can contact CoStar’s commitment to providing top-notch customer support ensures that your email will be handled carefully and professionally.

For Instance:

Dear CoStar Support Team,
I recently noticed an error in my billing statement and would like to request immediate assistance. Please review my account and provide clarification. I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.
Thank you, [Your Name]

Method 3: Contacting CoStar Customer Service via Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media platforms offer a convenient and direct way to contact CoStar’s customer service.

CoStar’s social media support offers Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

For Instance, on Twitter:

Hi @CoStarGroup, I’ve tried reaching out via email regarding an issue with my subscription but haven’t received a response. Could you please assist me with this matter? My account number is XXX-XXX. Thank you!

How Do I File a Complaint With CoStar?

To file a complaint with CoStar, you can use significant channels such as phone, email, and regular mail. Reach CoStar’s customer support at 800-204-5960, or email them at

For mailing, use the address 1331 L Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005. Include detailed information and evidence to make your complaint effective.

How Do I Contact a Human at CoStar?

Talking to a human representative at CoStar can be more beneficial for assistance or resolving complicated issues. Phone numbers like 800-204-5960 and 020-3205-4600 (UK) help you connect.

Although live chat support is unavailable, patience and clear communication can lead to human interaction.

Final Thoughts

CoStar offers various channels to connect with its support team, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether through phone, email, or mail, CoStar ensures their customers can reach them effectively.

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