How to Contact Keto Foods? Phone Number, Email & More

Ever wondered how to get in touch with Keto Foods? Whether you’re a keto enthusiast or just curious about their offerings, reaching out to their customer support is a breeze.

Keto Foods offers several ways to get in touch. You can ring them at 855-950-KETO (5386), email, or engage through their social media platforms and contact form. They’re just a click or call away!

Continue reading to learn detailed steps to contact Keto Foods’ customer service, whether through their contact form, live chat, or other methods. Let’s get started!

How to Contact Keto Foods Customer Service?

Whether you’re seeking clarity on their products, need assistance with an order, or want to give feedback, Keto Foods’ customer support is there to assist.

Their team understands the importance of prompt and effective communication, ensuring your concerns are addressed quickly.

Method 1: Contacting Keto Foods Customer Service via Contact Form

One of the most straightforward ways to contact Keto Foods is through their contact form. It’s user-friendly and ensures your query reaches the right department.

Step 1: Navigate to the Contact Page

Start by visiting the Keto Foods contact page.

image 163

Step 2: Fill in the Details

Once on the page, you’ll find fields to input your information and query. Ensure you fill out all the necessary details for a quicker response.

image 164

Step 3: Click on the SEND Button

After filling in your details and query, click the SEND button. Keto Foods’ support team will get back to you soon.

image 165

Step 4: Check Your Email

Keep an eye on your inbox. Keto Foods typically responds promptly, ensuring your questions or concerns are addressed.

Method 2: Contacting Keto Foods Customer Service via Phone

If you prefer direct communication, ringing up Keto Foods is a great option. With a dedicated team at the other end, you will surely get swift and clear responses.

To reach out, dial their toll-free number 855-950-KETO (5386). While on the call, ensure your queries are clear, respectful, and concise.

Remember, Keto Foods values its customers, so mirror that respect in your conversation. Here are some additional numbers for specific departments:

Phone Number: 503-461-1446

Method 3: Contacting Keto Foods Customer Service via Email

Reaching out to Keto Foods via email is both convenient and efficient. Their dedicated team can be contacted at

Whether you have a query or feedback or need assistance, sending an email ensures your concerns are documented and addressed. Remember to be clear and concise in your communication.

For Instance

Dear Keto Foods Support Team,
I recently purchased some of your products and have questions about their nutritional content. I tried finding the information on your website but couldn’t locate the specifics. Could you please provide more details or direct me to the right resource?
Looking forward to your prompt response.
Best regards,
[Your Name]

Method 4: Contacting Keto Foods Customer Service via Social Media

Did you know? Keto Foods is not just about delicious keto-friendly products; they’re also super active on social media!

You can connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

For Instance, on Instagram

Hey @ketopint, I recently tried your new flavor and loved it! However, I had a small issue with the packaging of my last order. I reached out via email but thought I’d try here too. Can you assist? Thanks!

In conclusion, whether it’s an email, a phone call, or a quick DM on social media, Keto Foods ensures every customer feels heard and valued. So, don’t hesitate to reach out!

How Do I File a Complaint With Keto Foods?

You have multiple options if you need to file a complaint with Keto Foods.

You can reach out via their phone number at 855-950-KETO (5386), send an email to, or use regular mail addressed to

Keto Pint
7157 E Rancho Vista Dr Suite 104
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

When detailing your concerns, be specific and provide any relevant documentation or evidence to support your complaint. This ensures a more effective resolution process.

How Do I Contact a Human at Keto Foods?

While automated systems can be efficient, sometimes you need the personal touch of a human representative, especially for intricate issues.

With Keto Foods, you can dial their main line at 855-950-KETO (5386) or their alternative number 503-461-1446.

Though you might initially connect with an automated system, stay patient and follow the prompts to reach a live representative.

Final Thoughts

Reaching out to Keto Foods is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether it’s a simple query or a more complex concern, their dedicated team is always ready to assist.

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