How to Contact Sweetgreen? Phone Number, Email, Chat & More

Have you ever craved those fresh, wholesome salads and wondered how to contact the team behind them? Let’s dive into the world of Sweetgreen’s unique customer support.

Sweetgreen offers a variety of ways to connect with their team. Dial 833-309-9300, or mail Also, you can contact Sweetgreen via traditional mail or social media platforms.

Continue reading to uncover the step-by-step methods to contact Sweetgreen’s customer service. From live chat to emails, we’ve detailed everything for you!

How to Contact Sweetgreen Customer Service?

Ever had a question about that delicious bowl you just had? Or perhaps a billing query? Sweetgreen’s customer service is there to assist.

With a commitment to real food and real service, they ensure every query is addressed with care and precision.

Method 1: Contacting Sweetgreen Customer Service via Live Chat

Got a quick question? The live chat feature is your best friend. Sweetgreen ensures real-time responses to make your experience seamless.

Step 1: Visit the Sweetgreen Website

Head over to Sweetgreen’s official website. Look for the familiar sg icon, usually at the page’s bottom right.

image 151

Step 2: Initiate the Chat

Click on the sg icon. This will open the chat window, allowing you to start your conversation with Sweetgreen’s customer support.

image 152

Step 3: Type in Your Query

Whether it’s about a menu item, a recent order, or feedback, type in your question and wait for a representative to assist you.

image 153

Step 4: Enjoy Real-time Assistance

Sweetgreen’s team is prompt and efficient. They’ll guide you, provide answers, or quickly direct you to the right resources.

Method 2: Contacting Sweetgreen Customer Service via Phone

When you’re on the move or prefer a more personal touch, reaching out to Sweetgreen via phone is a fantastic option.

With a team that embodies the brand’s fresh and vibrant ethos, you will surely get the assistance you need in no time.

Dial 833-309-9300 for general inquiries. When calling, ensure you maintain a clear and concise conversation.

Be respectful, have your details ready, and remember, the Sweetgreen team is there to help.

Method 3: Contacting Sweetgreen Customer Service via Email

Sweetgreen’s email support is at your service for those who prefer a written touch. You can reach out directly to for any inquiries or feedback.

When crafting your email, ensure it’s clear and concise. Start with a brief introduction, state your concern, and provide any necessary details.

Remember, the Sweetgreen team values every feedback and inquiry so that you will receive a timely response.

For Instance

Hello, Sweetgreen Team,
I recently visited one of your outlets in Los Angeles and had a query regarding one of the menu items. I tried finding the information on your website but couldn’t locate it.
Please provide more details about the ingredients used in the ‘Harvest Bowl’?
Thank you for your assistance.
Looking forward to your reply.
[Your Name]

Method 4: Contacting Sweetgreen Customer Service via Social Media

Sweetgreen is just a click away on your favorite social platforms in the digital age. Engage with them and get real-time responses!

You can connect with Sweetgreen on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

For Instance, on Twitter

Hey @sweetgreen, I recently had an issue with my online order. Tried reaching out via email but haven’t received a response yet. My order number is SG12345. Can you assist?

Remember, each platform has its unique audience and tone.

Ensure your messages are tailored accordingly, and you’ll surely get assistance.

How Do I File a Complaint With Sweetgreen?

If you have concerns or feedback for Sweetgreen, there are multiple channels to voice them.

You can email or your concerns to

3102 West 36th Street
Los Angeles
CA 90018

When detailing your complaint, be specific, provide relevant information, and if possible, back it up with evidence or documentation.

How Do I Contact a Human at Sweetgreen?

While automated systems can be efficient, nothing beats the personal touch of human interaction, especially when resolving intricate issues.

Sweetgreen offers a phone support line at 833-309-9300, which might initially connect you to an automated system. However, you can reach a human representative with some navigation.

If you’re using live chat, you can typically request to speak with a human for more complex concerns. Patience is key, and wait times can vary based on the channel and time of day.

Final Thoughts

Sweetgreen’s commitment to customer service is evident in their varied communication channels. Always approach with clarity and patience for the best experience.

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