How to Contact Quick Quack Car Wash? Phone Number, Email & More

Have you ever wondered how to get your shiny car even shinier? Or you’ve got a question about the Quick Quack Car Wash services. Well, you’re in the right place!

Quick Quack Car Wash offers diverse methods to connect with their customer service. Whether you prefer phone (888-772-2792), email (, social media, or online contact form, they’ve covered you. Reach out for prompt assistance on any query or concern.

Read to unveil the step-by-step guide on contacting Quick Quack Car Wash’s customer support. Discover the unique features that set their service apart from the rest.

How to Contact Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service?

Whether you’re seeking assistance on a service, have a billing query, or want to provide feedback, reaching out to Quick Quack Car Wash’s customer support is essential.

Method 1: Contacting Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service via Contact Form

Got a question or feedback? The Quick Quack Car Wash contact form is a straightforward way to communicate directly with their team. Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1: Visit the Official Website

Head over to the Quick Quack Car Wash official website. Look for the Contact Us section at the bottom of the homepage.

image 237

Step 2: Fill Out the Contact Form

Once you’re on the contact page, you’ll find a form asking for your details. Fill in your name, email, and the nature of your query or feedback.

image 236

Step 3: Describe Your Concern

Type out your questions, feedback, or any other information you’d like to share in the provided space. Be as detailed as possible to help the team assist you efficiently.

Step 4: Submit the Form

After completing all the necessary details, click the Submit button. The Quick Quack Car Wash team will get back to you soon.

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Method 2: Contacting Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service via Phone

What’s quicker than a phone call when you’re on the go and need immediate assistance? Quick Quack Car Wash ensures their phone lines are always open to address your concerns.

Dial the leading customer service number at 888-772-2792. Ensure you have all the necessary details and maintain a clear and respectful tone during the conversation.

Other Department Phone Numbers:

Cedar City, Utah: 435-216-0814

Citrus Heights, California: 916-722-3825

Elk Grove, California: 279-399-5298

Method 3: Contacting Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service via Email

Do you have a more detailed concern or feedback? Emailing might be your best bet. You can contact Quick Quack Car Wash’s dedicated team at

When crafting your email, ensure it’s clear and concise. Address it to and provide all necessary details about your concern.

Remember, the more specific you are, the quicker and more effectively they can assist you.

For Instance: 

Dear Quick Quack Car Wash Team,
I recently visited one of your locations and encountered an issue. I’ve attached photos as evidence. I tried resolving this via your contact form but haven’t received a response.
Could you please look into this urgently?
Thank you

Method 4: Contacting Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service via Social Media

Are you more of a social media person? Quick Quack Car Wash is, too!

You can contact them on various platforms, including FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagramYouTube, and TikTok.

For Instance, on Twitter: 

QuickQuack, I’ve been trying to get in touch regarding an issue I faced at one of your locations. I’ve emailed and called but haven’t received a response. Can someone assist me here? Thanks!

In conclusion, whether through email, phone, or social media, Quick Quack Car Wash ensures that every customer’s concern is addressed promptly and efficiently.

How Do I File a Complaint With Quick Quack Car Wash?

If you have concerns or feedback, Quick Quack Car Wash provides multiple avenues to voice them.

You can reach out via phone, email, or regular mail. When emailing or mail at Roseville, CA, ensure you provide precise details of your complaint.

Include evidence or documentation can make your complaint more effective and expedite the resolution process.

How Do I Contact a Human at Quick Quack Car Wash?

While automated systems are efficient, sometimes you need the human touch, especially for complex issues.

You can dial their main customer service number, 888-772-2792, or other departmental numbers at Quick Quack Car Wash.

Though you might initially connect with an automated system, stay patient and follow the prompts to reach a human representative.

Final Thoughts

Quick Quack Car Wash stands out for its exceptional car wash services and its dedication to customer support. Whether a simple inquiry or a detailed complaint, they ensure every voice is heard.

With multiple channels of communication, reaching out has always been challenging.

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