Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

Quick Quack Car Wash is a rapidly expanding chain of exterior-only express car washes.

Established in 2004, it has grown from a local entity in Sacramento, CA to one of the nation’s leading car wash chains.

Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Service Number

Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Support


Quick Quack Car Wash – Citrus Heights, California


Quick Quack Car Wash – Cedar City, Utah


Elk Grove, California


Quick Quack Car Wash E-mail

Quick Quack Car Wash Customer Support

Quick Quack Car Wash Social Media Support Contact

Quick Quack Car Wash Headquarters

Roseville, California, USA

Quick Quack Car Wash Help Center

For comprehensive support and assistance, Quick Quack Car Wash offers a dedicated Help Center to address customer queries and concerns.

Legal Contacts

Quick Quack Car Wash provides essential legal resources for users to understand their terms and privacy policies better.

Terms of service

Quick Quack Car Wash’s terms of service outline the rules and regulations for using their services. Familiarizing yourself with these terms ensures a smooth experience with the company.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy details how Quick Quack Car Wash collects, uses, and protects user data. It’s crucial to understand their data handling practices for informed decision-making.

Quick Quack Car Wash Additional Support Resources

Quick Quack Car Wash offers a range of additional resources to assist customers and provide valuable information.


Quick Quack Car Wash’s FAQ section addresses common questions and concerns. This resource can be a quick solution to many queries. Visit the FAQ section for more details.

Locations and pricing

Find the nearest Quick Quack Car Wash location and understand their pricing structure.


Interested in joining the Quick Quack Car Wash team? Explore current job openings and opportunities. Check out their job listings.


Stay updated with the latest from Quick Quack Car Wash through their blog posts.

Help Page

For any assistance or to get in touch with Quick Quack Car Wash, their help page provides various contact options.

About Quick Quack Car Wash

quick quack car wash featured image

Founded in 2004, Quick Quack Car Wash started as a local car wash in Sacramento, CA and has since grown to become the fourth largest car wash in the nation. The company’s rapid expansion is attributed to its commitment to delivering an outstanding car wash experience and fostering an amazing work environment.

From a single location in Sacramento, Quick Quack expanded its presence across various states, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, and Utah. Quick Quack Car Wash’s mission is “To Change Lives For The Better.”

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