Medela Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

Medela specializes in breastfeeding products and has been devoted to the science of making delicate care simple, intuitive, and effective for over 60 years.

This comprehensive guide covers all possible ways to contact Medela’s customer service department, ensuring you can reach out to them through various means.

Medela Customer Service Number

Medela Product Support


Medela Insurance Order Support


Medela E-mail

Medela Customer Support

Medela Privacy

Medela Account Distributor Order

Medela Tradeshow and Event Inquiries

Medela Donation Inquiries

Medela Media Contacts

Medela Family Feedback/Suggestions

Medela Professional Education Programs/Breastfeeding University Courses

Medela Store/Product Locator

Medela Website Feedback/Suggestions

Medela Social Media Support Contact

Medela Headquarters

Lättichstrasse 4b, 6341 Baar, Switzerland

Medela Help Center

Medela’s Help Center provides comprehensive support to customers. Whether you have product-related queries or need assistance with any other aspect, the Help Center is designed to offer solutions.

You can access the Help Center through the official Medela website.

Medela Legal Contacts

Medela provides specific legal contacts and resources to ensure transparency and trust with its customers.

Terms and Conditions

Medela’s terms and conditions outline the rules and guidelines for using their products and services. It’s essential to be familiar with these terms to ensure a smooth experience.

More details are available in their Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

Medela values the privacy of its customers. Their privacy policy details how personal information is collected, used, and protected.

Learn more about their commitment to privacy in their Privacy Policy.

Medela Additional Support Resources

Medela offers a range of additional resources to provide extended support and information to its customers.


Interested in joining the Medela team? Medela offers various career opportunities for those passionate about their mission.

Discover current openings and learn more about their work culture at the Careers page.


Medela has a network of distributors to ensure their products are accessible to everyone.

If you’re looking to become a distributor or find one near you, visit their Distributors page.

About Medela

medela featured image

Medela has been at the forefront of breastfeeding products for over 60 years, emphasizing the science of making delicate care intuitive and effective. Their commitment to advancing research, observing natural behavior, and listening to their customers has made them a trusted name in the industry.

Through their dedication, they have transformed the art of care into a precise science, ensuring that mothers, babies, patients, and healthcare professionals receive the best support possible. Medela’s innovations are driven by the real-world challenges faced by mothers and healthcare professionals.

By observing infant suckling patterns, understanding the importance of skin-to-skin contact, and investing in scientific research, Medela has consistently introduced products that address early breastfeeding barriers.

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