Orthofeet Customer Service: Phone Number, Chat, Email & More

Orthofeet is a renowned company that provides biomechanically engineered footwear for sensitive feet and other physical ailments.

This comprehensive guide covers all possible ways to contact Orthofeet, ensuring you have the information you need at your fingertips.

Orthofeet Customer Service Number

Orthofeet Customer Support


Orthofeet E-mail

Orthofeet Customer Support

Orthofeet Live Chat

To access Orthofeet’s live chat support, visit the Orthofeet homepage.

Click on the Chat With Us icon to initiate a chat session with a representative.

Orthofeet Social Media Support Contact

Orthofeet Corporate Office Addresses

335 Chestnut Street, Norwood, NJ 07648, USA

Orthofeet Help Center

For those seeking assistance, Orthofeet offers a dedicated Help Center to address your queries and concerns.

Orthofeet Help Center

For comprehensive support, visit the Orthofeet Help Center to find solutions to common issues and guidance on various topics.

Legal Contacts

Orthofeet is committed to transparency and ensures users have easy access to legal information. Below are the key legal resources:

Privacy Policy

Understand how Orthofeet collects, uses, and protects your personal information by reading their Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Familiarize yourself with the terms of service and usage conditions by visiting Orthofeet’s Terms and Conditions page.

Orthofeet Additional Support Resources

Orthofeet provides additional resources to enhance user experience and offer support. Here are some of the key resources:

YouTube Channel

Explore video content, tutorials, and more on the Orthofeet YouTube Channel.


Learn about the product warranty, its terms, and how to avail it by visiting the Warranty page.


Stay updated with the latest news, articles, and insights by checking out the Orthofeet Blog.

About Orthofeet

orthofeet featured image

Orthofeet stands out as a beacon of comfort and quality in the footwear industry. Recognizing the challenges of finding the right footwear for sensitive feet and physical ailments, Orthofeet embarked on a journey to create biomechanically engineered shoes that offer unparalleled comfort and support.

Today, Orthofeet combines cutting-edge athletic footwear technology with therapeutic detailing, ensuring its users’ highest level of comfort and protection. Their commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction has earned them the trust and loyalty of millions worldwide.

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