Permobil Customer Service: Phone Number, Email & More

Permobil is a company that cares about helping people move. They make special chairs that can be driven around. Looking to get in touch with Permobil’s customer service team?

This guide has got you covered with all the possible ways to contact them. From phone to email, we’ll walk you through your options so you can get the assistance you need.

Permobil Customer Service Number

Permobil Customer Service


Permobil Email

General Inquiries

Privacy Concerns

Permobil Support Form

To reach out to Permobil for any support or inquiries, visit their official website and access the support form. Fill out the necessary details, describe your issue, and submit the form. A representative will get back to you shortly.

Permobil Social Media





Permobil Headquarters

300 Duke Drive, Lebanon, TN 37090, USA

Permobil Help Center

If you have questions or need support, Permobil’s Help Center is there to assist you. You can access the Help Center to find answers to common questions and get guidance on various products and services.

Permobil Legal Contacts

Privacy Policy: For details about how Permobil handles your personal information and respects your privacy, refer to their Privacy Policy.

Data Protection for Children: Permobil takes protecting children’s data seriously. You can visit their Data Protection for Children page for more information on this.

Legal Department: If you have concerns or questions related to legal matters, you can contact Permobil’s legal department at the following email:

Permobil Additional Support Resources

YouTube: Permobil has a YouTube channel sharing informative videos about its products and services. This can be a great resource to understand their offerings better.

The Wheelchair Handbook: This resource is valuable for those looking to understand more about wheelchairs. You can access the Wheelchair Handbook for detailed insights.

Power Wheelchair Guide: If you’re interested in power wheelchairs, Permobil has a comprehensive Power Wheelchair Guide to help you make informed decisions.

Resources: Permobil offers resources to help users get the most out of their products. You can explore these resources for more information.

About Permobil


Permobil is a pioneering company that focuses on enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities. 

They are driven by innovation and a vision to see the ability in every person. With a commitment to leading change in the industry, Permobil offers a range of mobility solutions, ensuring that every individual can lead an active and fulfilling life. 

Their promise extends beyond just products; they are dedicated to positively impacting real lives, ensuring that every interaction with them is meaningful and supportive.

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