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Telecharge is a leading platform for ticket purchases and show attendance. This comprehensive guide offers a detailed overview of all possible ways to contact Telecharge, ensuring customers have a seamless experience when seeking assistance.

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Telecharge Customer Service


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Telecharge Customer Support

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520 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018

Telecharge Help Center

For any issues related to Telecharge, such as ticket inquiries, using the Telecharge website, purchasing tickets, completing ticket orders, receiving tickets, or attending a show, you can refer to the Telecharge Help Center. This platform provides comprehensive support and answers to frequently asked questions.

Telecharge Legal Contacts

Privacy Policy

Telecharge is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its users. For a detailed understanding of how your data is used and protected, you can read the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

Telecharge and its affiliated entities own several registered trademarks. Unauthorized use of these trademarks or the content of the site is prohibited. For permissions or inquiries related to intellectual property, you can reach out via

Telecharge Additional Support Resources

Help and FAQ

For a deeper understanding of Telecharge’s services, ticketing processes, and more, the Help and FAQ page is a valuable resource. This section answers common questions and offers insights into Telecharge’s operations.

About Telecharge

Telecharge Featured Image

Telecharge is a division of The Shubert Organization and is the premier ticketing service provider for Broadway and off-Broadway events. 

As the authorized agent for most Broadway shows, Telecharge offers direct access to the best seats available. They ensure transparency in ticket pricing, with no mark-ups beyond the established box office price, except for clearly disclosed service charges.

Telecharge’s commitment to providing fast and convenient ticket access has made it a trusted choice for theater enthusiasts.

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